Build your Best Team

We’ll build your team, you build the product.

RRI has helped clients hire in less time, at less cost, and with more confidence than they could do otherwise. We do this with quality, not quantity and a relationship based on consistent management of the hiring process so you can focus on other operational areas and build your product. Period.

Let’s grow together.

Over the years, we have listened, learned, and help guide hiring teams for clients ranging from every stage of the startup continuum to the Fortune 100. From these shared experiences we have developed the processes that will help you be successful in staffing.

Our client list has included clients from 6m series A with 16 employees all the way to the Fortune 100, with one client listed in theFortune top 10.

Engaging a Recruiting partner will save you both time and money while building a team that can hit the ground running in both onboarding tech and collaborating in your unique culture. 

For hiring success, you'll want to drill down on these three components of hiring:

  • Commitment to Hire
  • Candidates
  • Process

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